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Born in New Jersey in the early 70’s, I am a singer pursuing an operatic career.  I consider myself a lyric bass bordering on bass-baritone.  As I continue to establish myself professionally and take my career to a higher level, I find the financial markets not only fascinating and exciting, but an ideal means of supplemental income along the way.  For a glimpse at my career and goings-on in the singing world, visit my website:

I am primarily a technical trader in terms of buy and sell decisions, but I do look carefully at the fundamental side of individual stocks I trade.
I aim to trade the intermediate time horizon (1-6 months) ideally with a directional bias, but will also take shorter term trades.  I like to sell options to put the benefit of time decay in my favor, but I try to keep things more directionally biased, so not so much emphasis on “market neutral” positioning.  When I have the time and the market is volatile, I will occasionally day trade the S&P 500 e-mini futures.

PRICE IS KING.  This is the bottom line.  All technical indicators, volume, and news considerations are secondary to what the stock’s latest tick is telling us in context of its trend. Conversely, news trumps all.  The tale of the chart can be radically and quickly altered by news.  This must be respected and expected.

THE TREND IS YOUR FRIEND.  In short, trade WITH the crowd.  No need to fight the masses. I like to think of the markets in terms of the crowd of people it takes to move things in either direction with their buying and selling, supply and demand.  At any time, there is a delicate balance of the two sides that swings back and forth over each respective time frame.  Perhaps it is a stretch, but I think it reasonable to make the connection with the laws of physics.  Though the market is clearly driven by many human and emotional factors like fear and greed, I believe the cumulative behavior of the “crowd” can be seen in an ebbing and flowing nature just like any physical object or mass in motion.  For this reason, I am also developing an increasing interest in the application of Fibonacci levels.

An object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

Translation:  When trading or investing, identify the trend on your chosen time frame.  Enter and trade in the direction of the trend.  Ride the trend until it ends.  This is the basic principal of trend following.  The aim is not to pick the bottom or the top, but to ride the bulk of the trend.


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