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September 4 Activity Report

September 4, 2008
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Activity Report by Kathy P

September 4, 2008
…..memorable day……

Our expectancy so far is 71% losers, 29% winners, +10% per winners, – 9% per losers

Since we began our trading experiment out portfolio is down 21.5% while the SPX is down 16.7%
(1484.25- vs 1236.83)  We’re really behind the S&P!

Current Group $SPX Posture:
NEUTRAL-BEARISH  (I changed the posture and there won’t be any buys.  We’ve broken all kinds of support today and made a super lower low.  After making a double top on the SPX.)

Market forecast – Intermediate line is out of the upper reversal zone at 51.41 and is pointing sharply down.  The near term line and the momentum lines are both in the lower reversal zone, pointed down – could be a bullish cluster.  The sentiment line actually ticked up a tiny bit today!

As of today there are 3 reds on the SPX.  Yesterday there wasn’t a red on the stochastics.  The low today touched a level of support I have drawn on my chart from the low 7/28.

Portfolio $ Change Today is MINUS -$801

Portfolio Today $39,261 — minus 21.5% from $50,000

Current Positions, Cost Basis, and Stops:
187 ABT @ 58.71, stop loss 55.60
111 FCN @ 74.05, stop loss 68.03
133 shares WAB @ 58.01, stop loss 51.56

Buy Orders Filled Today:
Stops Moved:

Stops Triggered – Closed Positions:
365 PRXL @ 28.13 stopped out at 29.79 with a gain of $586

New Buy Orders Placed with Stop Loss:

Existing Unfilled Buy Orders:

Expired Buy Orders:


PRXL broke through our moved-up stop today and stopped out.  It dropped 3.86%.  It had had a beautiful gain after breaking out and now does have a gain but only of $586.  It was at one point, I think, near or over $2000.  At least not a loss.

ABT broke support with a gap down and sold off most of the day for a 2.35% drop.

FCN gapped lower and then made a doji which was good, considering the rest of the market.  It didn’t stop out but lost 2.19%.

WAB didn’t go down yesterday but OMG it did today!!!  It dropped 9.11%!!  Didn’t hit the stop but we need to move the stop up as that makes 3 reds.  Well, the stop doesn’t change.

DV made 3 greens yesterday, though it is in a downtrend via the moving average.  It did go up today though!  Also up were PQ, FLIR.

NO orders to place today.

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