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July 26 Activity Report

August 26, 2008
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Activity Report by Kathy P
August 26, 2008

Our expectancy so far is 73% losers, 27% winners, +11% per winners, – 9% per losers

Since we began our trading experiment out portfolio is down 19.5% while the SPX is down 14.3 %
(1484.25- vs 1271.51)  We’re really behind the S&P!

Current Group $SPX Posture:

Market forecast – Intermediate line is out of the upper reversal zone at 68.47 and headed down, though it ticked up a bit today.  The momentum and the near term lines are both down low.  The momentum line is just coming out of the lower reversal zone and the near term line is about to enter the lower reversal zone.  The sentiment line is more clearly rising.

MACD and stochastics are headed down but flattening out. The close today was below the 30 day moving average…. A spinning top.

Portfolio $ Change Today is  – $294

Portfolio Today $40,254 — minus 19.5% from $50,000

Current Positions, Cost Basis, and Stops:
365 PRXL @ 28.13, stop loss 25.69
187 ABT @ 58.71, stop loss 55.60
111 FCN @ 74.05, stop loss 65.79
133 shares WAB @ 58.01, stop loss 51.56

Buy Orders Filled Today:
Stops Moved:

Stops Triggered – Closed Positions:
FLIR stopped out at 35.89 with a loss of $379

New Buy Orders Placed with Stop Loss:

Existing Unfilled Buy Orders:

Expired Buy Orders:

FLIR stopped out today.  Low was 35.86, stop was 35.89.  oh well

PRXL stayed about the same.

ABT went down a bit, made a bottoming tail hammer.

FCN went lower and bounced off the 30 day.

WAB produced a green arrow on the 30 day.  The candle pattern is either a piercing line or a tweezers  bottom (but it’s not at a bottom).

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