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August 21 Activity Report

August 21, 2008
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NJ Investools Paper Trading

Activity Report by Kathy P
August 21, 2008

Our expectancy so far is 73% losers, 27% winners, +11% per winners, – 9% per losers

Since we began our trading experiment out portfolio is down 18.7% while the SPX is down 13.9%
(1484.25- vs 1277.72)  We’re more behind the S&P!

Current Group $SPX Posture:
NEUTRAL but intermediate green line on market forecast is out of the lower reversal zone.

Market forecast – Intermediate line is out of the upper reversal zone at 69.83 and headed down.  The momentum and the intermediate lines are headed up and between 40 and 50…  they may make lower lows which is a bearish divergence but we’ll see. The sentiment line is flattened out, imperceptibly rising.

MACD is turned up a bit but not stochastics. S&P is kinda going sideways, sitting on top of the 30 day.

Portfolio $ Change Today  -$773

Portfolio Today $40,663 — minus 18.7% from $50,000 – this is depressing.

Current Positions, Cost Basis, and Stops:
230 FLIR @ 37.45, stop loss 35.89
141 CMED @ 46.05, stop loss 40.08
365 PRXL @ 28.13, stop loss 25.69
187 ABT @ 58.71, stop loss 53.99
111 FCN @ 74.05, stop loss 65.79
133 shares WAB @ 58.01, stop loss 51.56

Buy Orders Filled Today:
Stops Moved:
FLIR to 35.89

Stops Triggered – Closed Positions:

New Buy Orders Placed with Stop Loss:

Existing Unfilled Buy Orders:

Expired Buy Orders:

FLIR broke some support and produced 3 reds – moving stop.

CMED went down more and JUST missed the stop by .04.

PRXL gapped up on earnings and has pulled back into a flag or pennant – it is holding above S2.

ABT went down and bounced off the 30 day.

FCN is consolidating sideways.

WAB spiked way down then came up to close above the 30 day.

SOHU made 3 greens today but it is sideways and didn’t have 150% volume spike.

NOV made 3 greens but we can’t enter because it is down trending.  It would probably be a Dave Johnson C pattern long entry.  BUCY was also probably a C pattern long entry yesterday.  But our rules don’t allow these types of entries.

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