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August 11 Activity Report

August 12, 2008
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Activity Report by Kathy P
August 11, 2008

Our expectancy so far is 64% losers, 36% winners, +11% per winners, – 9% per losers

Since we began our trading experiment out portfolio is down 8% while the SPX is down 12%
(1484.25 vs 1305.32)  Not impressively better.

Current Group $SPX Posture:
NEUTRAL-BEARISH  but intermediate green line on market forecast is out of the lower reversal zone and moving up pretty solidly.

Market forecast – Intermediate line is trending up and is at 70.49.  The near-term line and the momentum line are both in the upper reversal zone. The sentiment line is flattened and and is edging up just a bit.

MACD and stochastics are moving up.  Candles are above the 30 day moving average.

Portfolio $ Change Today  -$400

Portfolio Today $46,022 — minus 8% from $50,000 – down a little
Our current trades today have $3672 paper profits.  May it stay that way and go up!

Current Positions, Cost Basis, and Stops:
230 FLIR @ 37.45, stop loss 34.99
141 CMED @ 46.05, stop loss 39.78
365 PRXL @ 28.13, stop loss 25.69
187 ABT @ 58.71, stop loss 53.99
204 HAS @ 40.80, STOP LOSS 36.24

Buy Orders Filled Today:
204 HAS @ 40.80, STOP LOSS 36.24
Stops Moved:

Stops Triggered – Closed Positions:

New Buy Orders Placed with Stop Loss:
Buy 111 FCN @ 74.05, stop loss 65.79, order to stand through Thursday Aug 14
Buy 185 MPWR @ 27.91, stop loss 22.93, order to stand through Thursday Aug 14

Existing Unfilled Buy Orders:

Expired Buy Orders:

FLIR is about in the same place.

CMED gapped up.

PRXL had gone up huge after earnings and now has pulled back to S1 on the last bullish candle.

ABT is consolidating sideways.

HAS filled and pulled back a bit.

APH had 3 green arrows yesterday but the accumulation/distribution wasn’t over 60 Friday or this morning so no order was entered.

FCN stopped out not that long ago but is now giving 3 greens again.  It broke over the pivot from where we entered before with a huge bullish candle.  I will enter an order for tomorrow.  I’ve asked Jim about how I set the stop (3% below old resistance, new support – 66.17 –  instead of below the long spike down), so the stop may change. ~~~  Jim spoke :o)  The spike is being ignored and the stop is being set 3% below the following day.  That’s easier to figure.

MPWR broke horizontal resistance with a volume spike and there are still 3 greens so I placed an order to buy.

Check out AMED, CELG, OSIP, PRXL, SYNA, WAB for breakouts and pull backs.

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