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August 8 Acitivity Report

August 8, 2008
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A good week!  Kathy
Activity Report by Kathy P
August 8, 2008

Our expectancy so far is 63% losers, 37% winners, +11% per winners, – 9% per losers

Current Group $SPX Posture:
NEUTRAL-BEARISH  plus intermediate green line on market forecast is out of the lower reversal zone and moving up.

Market forecast – Intermediate line is in the middle zone and going up and is at 58.79.  The near-term line and the momentum line are both heading up toward the upper reversal zone.  The momentum line is almost there.  The sentiment line is flattened and looks about to go up a bit.

MACD and stochastics are moving up.  Candles are above the 30 day moving average.  Finally a higher high, not just an equal high.

Portfolio $ Change Today  +$1709

Portfolio Today $46,442 — minus 7.1% from $50,000 – WOW yea!

Current Positions, Cost Basis, and Stops:
230 FLIR @ 37.45, stop loss 34.99
141 CMED @ 46.05, stop loss 39.78
365 PRXL @ 28.13, stop loss 25.69
187 ABT @ 58.71, stop loss 53.99

Buy Orders Filled Today:
Stops Moved:

Stops Triggered – Closed Positions:

New Buy Orders Placed with Stop Loss:
BUY 204 HAS @ 40.80, STOP LOSS 36.24 – order to stand through Wed Aug 13

Existing Unfilled Buy Orders:

Expired Buy Orders:

FLIR didn’t move much thought it went up.

CMED put in a bullish candle about the same size as the bearish one yesterday.

PRXL opened where it closed and went up huge!!!

ABT put in a bullish engulfing and looks like it could break up.

APH has 3 greens but the accumulation/distribution is 55.2 – not over 60 – if it is updated on investools and is 60 or over before the market opens on Monday then I will place an order.
Order would be “buy 144 APH @ 50.54, stop loss 44.11 – order to stand through Wed Aug 13”

HAS has 3 greens and it’s all systems go – see above.

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