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Fun With Charts!!!

July 31, 2008
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Alert after market close on July 30

It’s a nice thing in midst of all the recent bearish action to receive the a portfolio alert email yesterday informing me that all of the big index ETFs have crossed above their 30 MAs.

Below are a few charts I had some fun with, drawing lines. They were done last night, so do not include today’s movement.










This is setting for either a flag breakout in a continuing, even if weakening, trend, or a testing/solidifying the right shoulder for a Head and Shoulders Pattern.

C Pattern buy, anyone

SYNA has been quite the roller coaster over the years. Somehow it doesn’t look unreasonable for the stock to push past this flag and continue up to the 60 area if not past.

Could we possibly be a bit late to the party on BUCY? Or is this thing going to rocking through the top of this channel?

Which way she goes…who knows?

Wow! This is quite a chart behind this one. More?

10 to the down side, 30 to the upside? Not a bad setup, no?

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