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July 7 Activity Report

July 7, 2008
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Activity Report by Kathy P
July 7, 2008

Current Group $SPX Posture:

Market forecast – intermediate line in lower reversal zone but neat-term and momentum lines a bit out of the zone.  Same for the COMPQ, DOW.  The RUT is in a full bullish cluster. So that was our bullish bounce?  The SPX close today was only .30 above the low from Thursday, plus the low today took out the low from Thursday.

Portfolio $ Change Today: -$850

Portfolio Today $46,840  — minus 6.3% from $50,000

Current Positions, Cost Basis, and Stops:

624 PQ @ 17.20, stop loss 21.92
230 FLIR @ 37.45, stop loss 34.99

Buy Orders Filled Today:

Stops Moved:
PQ moved to 3% below the low in the creation of the 3 reds…  21.92  (see comments/notes)

Stops Triggered – Closed Positions:

New Buy Orders Placed with Stop Loss:
Existing Unfilled Buy Orders:

Expired Buy Orders:

FLIR – is in a bull flag pull-back to support after a resistance break-out and made a higher high and a higher low today.  Price actually went up.

PQ –  Made a lower high and a lower low today and a red arrow on the moving average…  pretty huge bull flag, if it is one.  May be the start of lower lows and lower highs as opposed to a bull flag.  I guess since the MACD and stochastics are still red, we need to move the stop up.

BIDU almost ready to make 3 greens.  Oh, whoops, that was our old list.

Could MDU be considered a fresh green on the MACD?  I guess that would be stretching it?  It’s made a nice bull flag.

MPWR made a fresh green on the MACD.

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