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Bullish, Bullish, Bullish, some stocks to watch

June 4, 2007
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Well it seems that it’s business as usual. Just when the market gives you pause to think the uptrend might tiring, the potentially bearish weekly candles from last week all got wiped out with a strong week across the board. Particularly encouraging for the bulls is that the Nasdaq and Russell, which I pointed out had been lagging, pushed strongly above their recent resistance.
This image shows the weekly candles for the major indexes since Jan 1. Judging from these alone, it seems that the intermediate to long term trend is still quite bullish.
(Click image to see it bigger)

The Vix remains in its low range. It might be a good idea to set an alert for if it moves above 14.50 or so as a wake up call to assess things.

One observation I’d like to make is something of a cautionary bit. I tend to be a worrier, which doesn’t really help in the face of a strong bullish market, but it is worth considering the risk in the air when there seems to be such a strong sense of confidence and perhaps, complacency among the bulls. I think this mockup shows my thinking clearly enough.

The fact remains, as always, that an uptrend is an uptrend until it’s not anymore. So everything is all systems go at the moment. But it is interesting to consider the momentum of the last year and whether it might just be waning a bit. Last week’s gains were done in a short week(whatever that means) and Friday’s finish was on less than average volume.

That said, there’s a ton of strong looking stocks out there.
Here’s a china play.
CTRP – Very nice 5 year chart with a recent high volume week of an earnings jump. Biggest weekly volume since the end of 2/27 China stock market scare.

It even looks great on the daily chart with the Investools study set. It’s looking prime for a support bounce and a set of fresh green arrows.

GROW had some serious volume on Friday for a bounce up and further forming of a potential ascending triangle. It’s early to assume that it will bust through the triangle resistance, but a play up to that point would still be a pretty good risk/reward ratio for those bold enough to play it.
The volatility bouncing down from resistance in the last 5 months is unnerving, but considering it was a $2.50 stock just two years ago, maybe this is a very natural and healthy period of consolidation.

Here’s another from the investment world.
AINV – It looks like it needs to come in and establish new support here after such a quick upward move, but it’s certainly one to watch.

The growth is smaller than we look for, but it is better than its group. Investools has lumped a lot of industry groups together on their recent change to the Big Chart and Industry Group designations. So some stocks, like this one, are compared to a group of stocks that are not entirely accurate as competitors or comparable companies.
This from moneycentral.msn. com.

Anyway, one can quibble about which website is correct or if growth estimates are suitable for one’s standards, but a strong chart speaks for itself. The stock is at an all time high after 4 days of above average volume and big moves.

And last, but certainly not least…….
Our very own VSEA!
It’s a bit difficult to figure out what the SOX is doing, but VSEA appears to have put in a new support level and it may be ready to resume upward movement.

First the SOX, for your reference. Friday’s candle is not exactly what we want to see at potential resistance from a double top pattern.

But VSEA does look nice.

Have a great week. I’m pretty busy in the coming weeks, but I hope to put together a new and improved watchlist for the group. So stay tuned.

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