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February 4, 2007
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Since this post followed so quickly after the last one, I just wanted to point out that Jim left an insightful comment in the comments area for the last post on Oil. Check it out. And don’t be shy about leaving your own.

So far, the 40/45 March Bull-Put spread on COH I suggested a few posts ago is looking good. I’m not going to claim victory just yet, as there’s plenty of time before expiration, but it’s nice confirmation when things begin to work as predicted from the start of a trade. (I’m paper trading it, so I’ll let you know how it comes out.)
COH has put in a new high now and while it may keep firing higher, it would be prudent to look for a cleaner entry. The MACD and Stochastic have yet to turn lower, but I would imagine one or both will in the coming week as the stock regroups for further upside. With 5 up days in a row, it is reasonable to think there might be a bit of a healthy pull back needed. Also, I like to keep old trend lines on charts for a while to see how the stock reacts to the backside. You can see that the stock is coming right to the underside of the recently broken 5 month trend support. Given the angle of the line, I don’t see it as some scarey point of reversal. It just seems a healthy reminder that stocks aren’t supposed to go Parabolic and this one could use a few days rest. If it pulls back toward the MA and puts in a higher low, that would be a great entry. I will look to 45 for new support.
(Click for a larger view)

CRDN is in a group seemingly trying to fight its way out of the red. Notice that the Group Rank in Phase 1 is showing 64. After not a lot of follow through on selling after an analyst downgrade, we see a potential double bottom reversal pattern which would give a nice buy signal in a move above 55. This would also be very close to a fresh third green arrow on the MA. With earnings on Feb 26, this could be a nice short term trade up to 60 or so.

Earnings coming out tomorrow on CTSH and the chart looks very healthy. Of course buying on a pull back would be ideal. There’s very nice, clear support at 82.50. Use this to define your risk and position size.

I’m feeling good about replacing ISE with ICE. Friday marks a new high for ICE on above average volume while ISE had a down day to erase much of its rally attempt the prior day. We’ll see what earnings this week bring for these stocks.

The homebuilders have been doing very well lately and our KBH has been moving right along with the pack with a new high for the last 8 months on Friday. It’s not quite ideal to buy after a week of very strong action. But the strength serves as confirmation that people are continuously embracing these stocks again. A target of 60 seems inevitable in the coming months. The trick is to get the entry correct.

RIMM has been moving sideways lately with some very toppy signals to it. The recent earnings announcement was met with a heavy volume and huge bearish engulfing pattern. Then a rally attempt at new highs was harshly batted down from resistance on big volume again. A few noticable up days this week look like another attempt is being made, but the volume has been less than average on those days. I won’t have a whole lot of hope for this stock until it can convincingly break through the 140 area. Until then I will be looking more closely for a potential bearish position here. Obviously a bounce down off the 140 area for a triple top pattern would be a nice entry.
Paper Trade: On December 22, the day after the earnings announcement, I used the bearish engulfing as a signal that sentiment on this stock was changing. With a lower high also in place, I sold a January 140/145 Bear Call spread for a credit of $1.47. It expired worthless for a return of 41% in 4 weeks. The first week of January was a bit worriesome, but I held because it had not broken the resistance yet.

WCC had a stellar earnings announcement accompanied by news of a $400 Million stock buy back program. The market obviously liked this with some heavy volume gains. Notice that the day before earnings were announced was already an optimistic move. At this point a pullback would be a better place for an entry. 62.50 would be a good support level or maybe the MA will come up to provide support somewhere else. A move above the 69-70 area will be the real signal that this stock is going places.

ZMH is pulling back for a nice entry. 80 would be the most obvious, perhaps strongest support to look for now. But an entry on a bounce of the 82.50 level, the low of the day it gapped up, would be nice and clean. Don’t forget the big volume spike that accompanied the gap. This is a major sign of sentiment on this stock.

But don’t forget to look at the long term chart on ZMH. The 90 area appears to be potential resistance. What I’m thinking is that it might be nice to buy stock or a deep ITM, Long term call option here around 80 or 82.50 and then sell 90 calls as it approaches that level if it struggles with resistance there.

Have a great week.

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