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December 8, 2006

Hello all,

Doesn’t that Title just sound so antiseptic! It’s annoying to give disclaimers, but I feel it must be done. Perhaps it would be better said as a disclosure.

Before I go any further with this blog I want to put things in perspective for those who choose to read it. I began studying with Investools as Master’s student in March 2005. Prior to that time, I knew absolutely NOTHING about the stock market. I had some money in a mutual fund that my father recommended and I put it there without a thought as to whether the market was going up or down.

Upon introduction to the Investools teaching and the potential to make money in the market using options (for those of us with smaller amounts to work with) and using technical analysis (for those of use who don’t know much about economics and balance sheets), that very first day of my first Invstools workshop, the lightbulb went off. I can do this! I’ve always been a pretty logical person and also a visual learner. I took to technical analysis very quickly and dove into the Investools materials and teaching. After about 9 months, I upgraded to PHD. I am still in my journey through all of that material.

I have learned an amazing amoung in this short period of time. However, I do not claim to be a master trader or one of great experience. Like everyone else, I’m going through the learning curve and making LOTS of mistakes along the way. I encourage you to take everything I say with a grain of salt and to question it all for yourself. Leaving comments or questions in the Comments section below every blog post could be a good way of carrying on dialogue among the members/readers. All that said, I feel more and more confident that I’m heading the right direction and increasingly looking at the right things and thinking along the right lines.

To that end, I do feel qualified to offer insights and observations about the market and the business of trading. I consider it a priviledge to lead our group meetings and am honored that people consider me worth listening to. As most of you surely know from your own experiences, there are always great educational benefits to teaching others about any given subject even if you’re only one step ahead of the pack. So as you may benefit from my musings, I too benefit from musing. So in advance, I ask you to forgive and indulge me if I ever take on a teacher-like tone.
And now…..on with the show! 😉

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